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From MOT failures requiring body work to be welded to welding a broken lawnmower we carry out them all.

In the UK and our wet and sunny climate causes cars that are left out in the weather to begin to show specific problems with corrosion on the body work.

Some make and models begin to show specific problems early and the rear sills and jack points are common MOT failure body work areas.

Our welding is always carried out to a high standard that is accepted and above the MOT requirements. We take much care and pride in our welding work and the customer is offered an inspection of the welded area to ensure complete satisfaction.

What Welding Tasks Do We Carry Out?

We get a wide variety of welding tasks, outside of the MOT failure work, such as small trailer repairs, welding to vehicles we are restoring and also general welding to things like car seats and lawn mowers. The latter being a treasured metal version that with a weld in place will probably last another 20 years.

If it is metal then we can usually come up with a solution at a cost effective price and one to suit your pocket so please give us a call and we can discuss your options.

Why Rectifying A Weld Is So Important

When a poor or improper weld is performed during a structural collision repair or wear and tear, it can compromise the vehicle's structural integrity and result it a catastophic accident or injury.

As an experienced garage and a proponent of the collision repair industry we understand the importance of welding for consumer safety. Also bear in mind that a large amount of supposed technicians who weld in body shops today still lack formal welding training.



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